Hey there, I’m Pru.


I’m an Australian native and lifelong seeker of barefoot adventures. I’ve got a burning passion for all things personal adventure, positive impact, and good business.

My ‘why’ is simple: To inspire and activate positive change.


At the age of 25, I suffered a quarter-life crisis.

With a Psychology degree under my belt, a role in a private practice, and living in paradise in Byron Bay Australia, from the outside it looked as though I’d ‘made it’. On the inside however, I found myself feeling deeply unfulfilled.

Knowing that I was meant for more, I quit my job (and predictable future) and booked a one-way ticket to the UK to carve my own path.  From there my wild ride began. A journey of deep personal discovery where I quit playing by the rules and threw myself wholeheartedly into the adventure.  For the next few years I found myself hiking 1000km solo across Spain, working in charities and HR firms right through to a Wolf of Wall Street scenario. 

When I landed back in Australia a few years later, I knew it was time to launch my own gig. I married the logistical side of my brain with my passion for personal development and kick started Owners Collective, a business education platform for early-stage entrepreneurs. Within the first few years, I’d successfully put over 13,000 startups through the programs I’d developed.

No investors, no funding, just pure passion and hustle.

What I’m most passionate about in business, is the tool it is to drive positive change.  On a personal, local and global level it is a fast moving and powerful force, and when harnessed for good can create massive change - quickly.

Recently, I launched my podcast One Wild Ride to showcase just that. The personal stories behind the brands and movements that are positively shaping our future.  It’s the evidence that good business can, and will change the world.

And that’s what gets me giddy.


Official Bio.



A client once told Pru that working with her is like hauling your ass through an intense Crossfit session followed by a double espresso and a lazy triathlon after that. With over 15 years experience in business strategy, psychology and leadership development, Pru has worked with thousands of clients, from cool start-ups and early-stage entrepreneurs to big business.

She is the Founder of Owners Collective, a dedicated community and education hub for early-stage entrepreneurs.

With a passion for growth, learning, and spiritual awakening, with a Science/Psychology degree and an accreditation in Behavioural Profiling, NLP and numerous therapies under her belt, Pru offers a refreshing and unique mix of science, psychology, mindfulness, insightfulness, disruptive energy and entrepreneurial gusto.

She has educated over 13,000 early-stage entrepreneurs, and her client list includes Lululemon, Bailey Nelson, The League of Extraordinary Women, and Smack Bang Designs.


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