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Conversation with ALEX ANDREWS

Verve Super’s Co-founder Alex Andrews is part of Australia’s first and only super fund dedicating 100% of it’s resources to building the wealth and power of women everywhere. She’s a proud feminist campaigner with a background in law and a strong belief that business should be used as a force of good. She strives to grow the financial wealth of Verve Super members without ever compromising their values.

Women currently retire with 47% less Super than men.... This means that 1 in 3 women in Australia will retire in poverty.
— Alex Andrews

Verve Super is Australia's first and only super fund dedicating 100% of it’s resources to building the wealth and power of women everywhere.

It’s a shocking fact that Australian women retire on average with half the superannuation of men. Clearly, it's time for a completely new way of thinking.

Recently launched Verve Super is designed by women, for women. Verve are already walking their talk. Incorporating free financial education and guidance that is tailored for women, as well as our member events, comprehensive give-back campaigns, and of course a solid and ethical investment approach.

In this podcast we sat down with Verve Co-Founder and Head of Engagement Alex Andrews to find out more about the complex challenge women are facing in increasing their wealth, and how Verve is actively striving to support that in all of their actions.

Alex has long been passionate about using business as a force for good. With a background in law and activism she has previously been the founding Head of Engagement for one of Australia’s leading ethical super funds, and worked in community building roles for the Impact Investment Group and Small Giants.

A Proud feminist campaigner, Alex founded of Get Hairy February to challenge gender inequality and raise money to eliminate violence against women.

She’s a Byron Bay local and dropped by the studio for a chat.

Mentioned in conversation…

  • Why money has traditionally been a masculine topic and why that needs to change.

  • The role money plays in women’s lives and why we’re retiring with half as much super as men.

  • How a health crisis can change everything (for the better).

  • The fundamental paradigm shift from scarcity to abundance and it’s impact on our lives.

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