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Conversation with Dani Venn

Dani Venn is a whole foods cook with a number of projects under her belt. You probably know her from her ol MasterChef days, where she was a finalist, and again as a MasterChef All Stars in 2012. Nowadays she’s Founder of The Wholehearted Cook where she shares recipes and tips on how to ’nourish, nurture and glow’. She’s also launching another business very soon in the healthy fast food space

My philosophy is to be as simple as possible… If it’s something that your grandma couldn’t identify as food.. maybe don’t eat it. Or maybe don’t eat as much of it.
— Dani Venn

Dani is a whole foods cook based in Melbourne. She is the Founder of The Wholehearted Cook and on the verge of launching a healthy fast food salad company called Gogo Bowls. Not to mention mama to Harlow and Oscar - she’s one busy lady!

The Wholehearted Cook began when her oldest child, Harlow, was only a few months and she was genuinely confused about what was considered ‘healthy’. So she decided to do something about it!

She shares recipes and tips on how to ’nourish, nurture and glow’. She has a few golden rules to live by in the Wholehearted kitchen - cook with quality ingredients, keep it simple, balanced and eat ‘real food’ (most of the time - well at least 80%).

Pru talked to Dani about how her focus has changed over the years from her MasterChef days where she would recreate recipes. Nowadays she’s all about encouraging people to look in their fridge first, before stepping out the door with that shopping list. She’s all about reducing waste and consuming less by improving cooking skills and being a bit more conscious about the ingredients we buy.

Mentioned in conversation...

  • How you can be smarter in the kitchen - reducing waste and consuming less.

  • The current health issues facing Australians and the important role food plays in our overall health and wellbeing.

  • The current farming and food production processes and the impact that they’re having on our planet.

  • Where you can start in your own home - the simple steps we can take to be more conscious of our own consumption and waste.

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